Monday, January 11, 2010


There are some different picture which i have post now.

Raj Bari

In Bangladesh there are lots of Rajbari we can listen. I actually try to sea some Raj bari which is situted every district in Bangladesh. This RajBari if we measure in scenery wise it is too much Dashing and its also introduce other one who never sea it but listen it.There are some scenery in Rajbari which is very nice. Those are ;Jalpaiguri RajBari,Bardhman Rajbari, CoachBihar Rajbari,Contai Rajbari,Tamraliptha Rajbari,Nator Boro Torfar Rajbari etc.

Sherpur View

There are some attractive scenery in Sherpur which i posted here to sea the beauty of this place. There are lots of thing to watch there. There are also a picnic spot here once call Madutilla another special one is Ghajni. Ultimately the Sherpur is one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dariapur Light House & Contai

Dariapur Light House :- Dariapur is 175 km from Howrah by road. The site is close to the spot where legendary Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay got inspiration to write famous Kapalkundla in 1860. The original Lighthouse site is one km East of the present station.
A 20 m mild steel mast was erected in 1943 at that site on which a wick lamp used to be hoisted under the supervision of local port official. Subsequently DA Gas equipment with sun valve replaced the wick lamp. This light remained in operation till the present Lighthouse came into existence. The work of construction of the present RCC Lighthouse Tower was completed in 1968. The optical equipment earlier installed at old Dwarka Lighthouse in 1881 and dismantled in 1964 has been installed here after certain modifications. It was a P.V. light and was commissioned here on 1st June1968.

The P.V. equipment has since been replaced by 230V 70W metal halide lamp and low maintenance batteries charged by photo voltaic modules. The system was commissioned in March 1999. A Racon of `Tide land' USA make was installed on the Lighthouse on 23rd August 1995.
Build In : 1964
Specification : Location - 21 °47' 24"N, 87°51'54"E
Name of Manufacturer : M/S Chance Brothers, UK.
Character - Gp. Fl(2) W20 sec.
(1.40+1.93+1.40+15.27= 20 sec.)
Panels - 4.
Focal Distance : 250 mm.
Speed of Revolution : 1.5 rpm
Illuminant : 55m Petrol vapour burner.
Divergence - (a) Horizontal: 13°31'
(b) Vertical: 12°36'
Duration of Flash: 1.4 sec.
Effective beam intensity: 85000 cd.
Elevation above mean sea level: 30 m.
Range of visibility : 19 sea miles In Dariapur (Midnapore) is a lighthouse which is a bit of a 20th Century marvel & has the aura of romanticism too. This is a 75- metre high man - made wonder, which situated about 25 to 30 km from Contai.

RANGPUR Carmichael

RANGPUR Carmichael College is a part of heritage and history of Uttar Bango (northern Bangladesh). It is indeed one of the oldest and best colleges in the country.

No other college in the country can boast of so beautiful a campus as Carmichael College. It is situated on 900 bighas of land. So far, it is the biggest college in area wise in the country. There are a number of magnificent buildings in the college. These buildings are as old as the college itself. To enhance the opportunity of higher education in Rangpur region with the initiative of local Zamindars (landlords) including Gopallal Roy Bahadur, Mohimaranjan Roy, Babu Monidra Chandra Roy and the local people, this college was established at Lalbagh, 4 km to the south from zero point of the town. The then first Governor of Bengal Lord Baron Carmichael formally inaugurated the college in 1916. Therefore, the college was named after him.

Once upon a time it was the only institution for the students of the northern part of the country to receive higher education. From the very beginning till now it upholds its excellence in imparting quality education to its students.
About 12000 students in honors and masters levels are studying in the college. Courses of graduation and post graduation degree in 14 subjects are being given under National University.
So it is beautiful scenery in Rangpur. I wish if you visit Rangpur you must visit this place and than you realize how beautiful it is.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Puthia has the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in Bangladesh. The most amazing of the village's monuments is the Govinda Temple, which was erected between 1823 and 1895 by one of the maharanis of the Puthia estate. It's a large square structure crowned by a set of miniature ornamental towers. It's covered by incredibly intricate designs in terracotta depicting scenes from Hindu epics, which give it the appearance of having been draped by a huge red oriental carpet.

The ornate Shiva Temple is an imposing and excellent example of the five-spire Hindu style of temple architecture common in northern India. The ornate temple has three tapering tiers topped by four spires. It's decorated with stone carvings and sculptural works, which unfortunately were disfigured during the War of Liberation. The village's 16-century Jagannath Temple is one of the finest examples of a hut-shaped temple: measuring only 5m (16ft) on each side, it features a single tapering tower, which rises to a height of 10m (33ft). Its western facade is adorned with terracotta panels of geometric design.

Puthia is 23km (14mi) east of Rajshahi and 16km (10mi) west of Natore.

The scenery of Puthia is very much charming. Anybody attach from this beautiful scenery.

Choto Sona Mosque

One of the most graceful monuments of the Sultanate period is the Choto Sona Masjid or Small Golden Mosque at Gaur in Rajshahi Built by one Wali Muhammad during the region of Sultan Alauddin Husain Shah (1493-1519). Originally it was roofed over with 15 gold-gilded domes including the 3 Chauchala domes in the middle row, from which it derives its curious name.

It is really nice scenery in Bangladesh. Any one can enjoy from it when they have seen it. Every year lots of people visit this historical archaeology place.